"We will work together to provide the 

“tipping point” 

for continued growth and sustained success for you and your organization."

Talent Acquisition


We offer talent acquisition solutions that assist organizations to develop a search strategy, manage the recruitment process and transition the process to an applicant tracking system and selection. This includes engaging potential candidates for your organization’s critical talent needs (risks), executives and next-generation leaders.


Executive Coaching


We provide an approach designed to help facilitate professional and personal development to the point of individual growth and improved performance. This could include interpersonal and professional communication, performance management, organizational effectiveness, managing of career and talent changes, enhanced executive presence, strategic thinking, effective conflict resolution, and effective team building, among other customized offerings.


Leadership Development


We prepare a deliberate plan to increase an organization’s link to talent to the vision of the future organization. 


Diversity & Inclusion Training


We provide training opportunities for the purpose of increasing participants' cultural awareness, knowledge, and skills in specific areas including: sexual harassment, diversity, bullying in the workplace, inclusion and others. These workshops assist your organization in protecting itself against civil rights violations, increasing the inclusion and knowledge of different identity groups, promoting better teamwork and empowering employees.